Why and where did Stay Fit 4 Life come from?

My beloved Grandma Helen Smith lived with my wife Trudy and I and my other grandmother Jestine Reid for over ten years. We transformed them into powerhouse grandmas.

We would run back and forth to the doctors like rabbits for both of them. Helen was taking about six medications and Jestine was taking about eight. It was crazy, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholestol not to mention Helen was underweight badly. So I set out to eliminate this waterfall of pills and doctor appointments. First thing I did was changing
their diets
and give them exercise programs. Hey, they live with me now, you remember those days "while you live in my house you’re going to do as I say" well it was my turn. Well "The Birds" we lovingly called Helen and Jestine the Birds was all set, new eating habits and daily workouts.

Helen gained twenty pounds in two months we were off and running lol.
Jestine had stopped smoking and both of them were riding an exercise bike daily as well as walking to the park, which was about five blocks. Six months later with the permission of their doctors I was cutting back Helens high blood pressure meds. Helen's blood pressure was very high in the 190s as well as other things when she first started to live with us, now it was in the 140s and dropping, we checked three times a week. So when we went back to her doctor her doctor was so pleased she said "Whatever you’re doing keep up the good work and maybe one day Helen could stop all her meds if she keeps this
up". Well that was my goal.

Well to make a long story short three years later Helen was taking only eye drops. Six years later Helen lead a wonderful life of perfect health never caught a cold or anything else she lived to be 103 and passed on mother’s day of 09 from natural causes.

Jestine had many of the same issues and diabetes, in her later year’s dementia and a tumor that would press against her spine and an anemia problem that we had to watch carefully. But again with proper diet and exercise, we conquered the diabetes, snuffed out the high blood pressure and killed the cholesterol and kept the anemia at bay.

They lived a loving wonderful life.

It’s a great feeling to have done this for them we create a system of care giving that works. Love, custom diets and exercise did the trick we feel blessed to have given them
the quality of life they enjoyed and when their time came it was without pain and suffering. We thank the almighty for helping us do this and if you love your family members you can do it too.

It takes a dedicated system of Doctors, home attendants and supervision; to get the job done, don't think someone else cares like you do.

Vance Reid

PS... You can look forward to my
forth coming EBook about "A walk with my Grandmothers”


Pledging Support for Stay Fit 4 Life Causes

At Stay Fit 4 Life we have made a financial commitment to the ALZHEIMER'S FOUNDATION OF AMERICA.
Every visit we make to help a family care for their loved ones we donate $2.OO for research, we need to a cure for this debilitating illness.

You can also donate to the AFA by calling 1-866-AFA-8484 or send a check or money order to ALZHEIMER'S
FOUNDATION OF AMERICA 322 Eighth AVE., 7th floor New York, NY 1001.

If you can Stay Fit 4 Life will accept any donations you can give to us also as we can use the donations for second hand wheelchairs, exercise bikes, hand weights and other types of workout equipment we pick up at flea markets and garage sales. We give these items to families that are less fortunate and need them. So please feel free to send checks or money orders to Stay Fit 4 life, 12 E. Carpenter Street Valley stream NY 11580.

Thank you So much for your support.


Stay Fit 4 Life Goes Online with New Website

Now one of the most trusted home care consultants can now be accessed via the Internet. The new site offers detailed information about the practice, techniques, Medical partners to access if you need them and home care industry related information. The very personal story two grandmothers forgotten by most of their family and the grandson and his wife that took them in and cared for them and molded them into powerhouse grandma's with no illness for the rest of their lives.

Visit the new website and go through it carefully, you will love it.


A Shift From Nursing Homes

to Managed Care at Home -NY Times February 24, 2012


Faced with soaring health care costs and shrinking Medicare and Medicaid financing, nursing home operators are closing some facilities and embracing an emerging model of care that allows many elderly patients to remain in their homes and still receive the medical and social services available in institutions.The rapid expansion of this new type of care comes at a time when health care experts argue that for many aged patients, the nursing home model is no longer financially viable or medically justified.


In the newer model, a team of doctors, social workers, physical and occupational therapists and other specialists and consultants provides managed care for individual patients at home, at adult day-care centers and in visits to specialists. Studies suggest that it can be less expensive than traditional nursing homes while providing better medical outcomes.


The number of such programs has expanded rapidly, growing from 42 programs in 22 states in 2007 to 84 in 29 states today. In New York City “It used to be that
if you needed some kind of long-term care, the only way you could get that service was in a nursing home, with 24-hour nursing care,” said Jason A. Helgerson, the medicaid director for New York State. “That meant we were institutionalizing service for people, many of whom didn’t need 24-hour nursing care. If a person can get a service like home health care or Meals on Wheels, they can stay in an apartment or their home and thrive in that environment, and it’s a lower cost to taxpayers.”


The recent influx of adult day-care centers and other managed care plans for the frail elderly is being driven by financial constraints as President Obama and
Congressional leaders seek hundreds of billions of dollars in savings in Medicare and Medicaid. Nursing homes, which tend to rely heavily on Medicare and
Medicaid dollars, are facing enormous financial pressure — President Obama’s proposed budget includes a $56 billion Medicare cut over 10 years achieved by restricting payments to nursing homes and other long-term care providers.


Nationally, the number of nursing homes has declined by nearly 350 in the past six years, according to the American Health Care Association.
In New York, the number of nursing homes declined to 634 this January from 649 in October 2007, and the number of beds to 116,514 from 119,691.


The move away from nursing homes was highlighted on Thursday when Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan announced that the Archdiocese of New York,
one of the state’s largest providers of nursing home care, is

selling two of its seven nursing homes and opening or planning to open seven
new adult day-care centers over the next three years.


and others who have chronic health needs should not have to give up their homes
and independence just to get the medical care and other attention they need to
live safely and comfortably,” Cardinal Dolan said in a statement before he
opened a 250-patient program at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Healthcare
Center in the South Bronx.


spirits would drop if I went to a nursing home,” she said. “I love the fact
that I can go home at night. There’s no place like home. I can sit down, look
at the TV and go to bed when I want.”


Harper, 70, a retired bank employee who spent 10 months at the archdiocese’s
Kateri Residence, a nursing home on the Upper West Side, after a stroke
paralyzed his right side, enjoys yoga breathing classes and discussions about
black history. Yet he gets to spend nights and weekends with his wife,
Albertene, and daughter, Traci, both of whom work during the day and are not
around to care for him. -- Now you have Stay Fit 4 Life we will help you
cope with the home health care of your loved one.