Your First Visit

If your family member is coming home from the hospital or rehab center your social worker, local Doctors or Church administrators will give you our brochures and explain the benefits of having Stay Fit 4 Life assist you in the preparation of the return of your family member to their home. If you
decide to use our services it would start as a four part process. Part one-we come to your home and check the home for safety.
We will contact your social worker or Doctor and inform them of our findings and in turn they will make sure any additional equipment needed will be provided such as grab bars in the bathrooms, staircases, if ramps are needed for wheelchairs or gates to restrict certain areas.

Stay Fit 4 Life will request some information about your background, medical history and the nature of your
condition. This is so that we can provide the best possible care in conjunction with your doctor’s orders and tailor your specific needs. We want your family member to recover faster.

Part three we return to your home with the recommendations on diet and exercise programs and check on the progress of your family member we make sure you have the proper food and how it gets prepared.

In many cases the home attendants are not educated in nutrition and physical therapy.

Sometimes we recommend supplementing the main meals with vitamins and baby food, yes baby food, it's easy to digest. Older clients need food that’s easy to digest and will build them up quickly.

Part four, we will return four times in thirty days from the first visit to work out with you and check on the progress of your family member and make sure the home attendant is sticking to the proper diet and exercise programs. We need to know if our program set up for your family member is truly working and if we need to make any changes to it.  

What’s the cost of these services?

Stay fit 4 Life wanted to make it affordable for families that truly wish to improve the health of their loved ones. When life gets in the way you need someone to take the load off a little, that’s us. It's simple and very affordable.

Part 1 first visit cost $150.00.
Part 2 second visit is free

Part 3 third visit is free of charge it's included with the second visit.

Part 4 the fourth visit at the end of the thirty days is $150 to 250.00 depending on the type of care they may need or you can choose to do only the first safety visit if you wish and only spend $150.00


Visit#2-$No charge

Visit#3-No charge

Visit#4-$150 to 250.00

For the thirty days

Additional visits for extra physical therapy and personal training $50.00 per hour per visit We At Stay Fit 4 Life feel it's a small price to pay to stay Fit and help ourselves and loved ones recover faster.

Basic workout program package: 8 Visits per month for $350.00 this includes a custom diet and exercise program and personal training in the comfort of your home.

Basic single workouts $50.00 per hour session "no package, no diet program"

Stay Fit 4 Life because life is short and having a healthy life is a happy life. It's never too late to start working out.